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Mission Statement

"Our Sunday School is a network of small Bible Study groups connecting people to Jesus."

Sunday School

Wonderful things happen in Sunday School.  Sunday School will enhance God's promise with just a little more attention. Sunday School can touch the lives of everyone in the congregation - from the very young to the very old.

Sunday School is:

  • lifelong
  • life-giving
  • about real life
  • connected to the Source of life

Sunday School is a place where people and congregations are transformed:

  • growing leaders for the church’s mission
  • increasing people’s sense of belonging and commitment to stewardship
  • providing a place for new people to make friends and learn to grow as disciples
  • deepening people’s understanding of God’s activity in all of life

Sunday school, also known as a Sabbath School, is an institution designed to teach people, usually children, about Christianity, named such because most Christian churches meet on Sunday. Some Seventh-day Adventist communities hold their Sabbath Schools on Saturdays.

Sunday schools, contrary to the name, are virtually never recognized educational institutions; rather than offering formal grades or transcripts, Sunday schools simply attempt to offer meaningful instruction concerning Christian doctrine and keep little or no record of performance for any given week. Attendance is often tracked as a means of encouraging children and adults to attend regularly, and awards are frequently given for reaching attendance milestones